How to follow your intuition -

Follow your intuition: but… HOW?! [5 useful tips]

“Listen to your heart!” “Follow your intuition!” But… HOW?! Don’t you worry, love. I’ve got you.

You hear it all the time. Go after what you really want! Follow your intuition! Listen to your heart! The thing is, though: it is so much easier said than done. Because how the heck do you “listen” to your intuition?! Where do you find your intuition? Where do you go to hear its voice?

You know it’s hidden somewhere inside of you, though. I mean: how often have you said to yourself: ‘If only I had listened to my gut…’ following an event that didn’t quite feel right? …Exactly. The good news is: you can easily train yourself to hear your intuition’s voice more clearly, more often, and learn how to follow her instead of your monkey mind. 🙂

5 things to help you follow your intuition

  1. Do not listen to your mind
    As much as you would like it to be, your mind is not your friend, my friend. Whenever we’re presented with a choice, we tend to think in pros and cons to try and come up with the “smartest” decision to make. But listen to this: your intuition doesn’t care about pros or cons or smart or wise. I know this is a difficult one, because we like others to think of us as smart or wise. However, I am 100% convinced that if you let all pros and cons be and simply do whatever feels lightest to you, a wrong choice doesn’t exist. So, the next time you have a decision to make, ask yourself this: What choice feels lightest? What is my gut telling me? It’s not about what seems wisest or most practical. It’s about what feels right to you.
  2. Ignore what other people (might) think
    This is another thing we all – or should I say: our egos – LOVE to participate in: caring about what other people think of us. However, if there is one thing your intuition doesn’t have anything to do with, it is what other people think. Your intuition is all about you. About what’s right for you. About what resonates with your values. That means you get to put all other’s opinions aside: yay! And I know that sounds – once again – easier than it is, but remember: there isn’t a single subject in the world that every single one of us agree on. The fact that you’re currently not surrounded by people who share your values or feelings, doesn’t mean those people aren’t out there. They ARE out there, they just haven’t found their way to you yet. As soon as you dare to fully follow your intuition, they will appear. It’s the Law of Attraction, baby.
  3. Don’t fall for easy
    Following your intuition won’t always be the easiest thing to do. Not everyone will understand you. You will most likely be faced with challenges most people choose to avoid – because to deviate from the norm feels uncomfortable. However, the more often you choose to follow your intuition and do deviate, the more free, in love, and comfortable you will start to feel. Why? Because it will bring you closer to your true, authentic self. Remember: there is nothing you cannot do. Your intuition knows this.
  4. Know no doubt
    Your intuition knows your path. Your intuition doesn’t doubt. As soon as you find yourself in doubt, you know it’s your ego who is talking. When this happens – because it will, to all of us – don’t get frustrated, but take your time. Simply acknowledge your ego’s presence, take a few deep breaths, drop into your body and shake it off. Go back to whatever you were feeling before your ego got involved. What was your heart trying to tell you? This is a skill that takes practice, but the more often you take time to do so, the easier it becomes – as is the case with pretty much everything in life. 🙂
  5. Dare to choose, even if you can’t see your destination
    Us humans love to know what’s going to happen. We love control, security, safety, and knowing what’s coming. Learning to follow your intuition equals learning to let go of all of this. You won’t always know why your intuition is telling you something. You won’t always know why your intuition is telling to go left instead of right. And you know what? It doesn’t matter, either. As long as you follow your intuition, whether it’s a quiet whisper or a loud and clear statement, a wrong choice doesn’t exist. Dare to choose and dare to trust your intuition. She is there for a reason, even if you don’t know where she’s leading you.

What do you do to connect yourself to your intuition? Share your personal tips below!

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