Why knowing what you want in life is so incredibly important

Why knowing what you want in life is so incredibly important [6 reasons]

Are you aware of what you truly desire? This is why I believe you should spend time figuring this out.

To me, knowing what you want is one of the most important things to have figured out. And no, I do not mean that gorgeous Louis Vuitton bag you saw in Paris 😉 but your actual, personal goals and values in life.

This is a topic near and dear to my heart and if you are part of my inner circle, I undoubtedly have asked you before: but do you really want this, or is this what you think you’re supposed to want? I find this such an important question to ask and spending time figuring this out genuinely made me a much happier person. Why, you’re wondering? I will give you 6 reasons below!

6 reasons why knowing what you want in life is important

  1. Knowing what you don’t want is not enough
    When you first start thinking about what you truly want in life, it is very likely that the first things popping into your mind are focused on what you don’t want. Now, there isn’t necessarily something wrong with that – on the contrary: it is a great place to start – but it isn’t enough, either. Why, you ask? Because whatever you focus on, expands. If you continue to focus on what you don’t want, chances are that that is exactly what will remain present in your life. You won’t start realizing your dreams, until you are fully aware of and focused on them.
  2. It will give you a sense of purpose
    As soon as you have decided what you do and do not find important, you will notice energy starting to flow. You will no longer be satisfied with whatever happens to cross your path, but will want to make conscious decisions about what you want to let into your life. You will start to feel butterflies, warmth, and a sense of direction when thinking about where you’re going. This is what I call a sense of purpose: the wanting of your life to be exactly in line with your personal values and aspirations.
  3. You can stop worrying about what others want (from you)
    If you’re not (yet) clear on what you’re aiming for, it is extremely easy to let yourself be influenced by what others are aiming for or expecting you to aim for. It is a very human thing to want to fit in. However, as soon as you know what you want, it suddenly becomes a whole lot easier to let go of all those goals and purposes that aren’t yours. We all have our own unique purpose and you know yours, so why worry about anyone else’s?
  4. It enables you to act accordingly
    When you know what you want out of life, you will be able to set goals that are going to lead you there. Setting concrete goals, or breaking your one big goal down into smaller chunks, will automatically lead you to think of what is needed to reach them. It will enable you to act according to your goals and values. Taking action will in turn enhance your sense of purpose, which will feed you with even more energy and inspiration to take action. Notice the positivity circle we’re stepping into, here?
  5. You can stop comparing yourself to other people
    Comparing ourselves to other people is something we all do. It’s how we collect information and judge the quality of what’s coming to us. To not do the thing that we’re all so very programmed to do, is obviously quite the challenge. However, if you are extremely clear on your goals and aspirations, it does make the task a whole lot more manageable. The simple knowing of how we each have our own unique purpose makes comparing a pretty irrelevant task. Aiming for different goals or having a different set of values inevitably leads to making different choices in life. The only person you should be comparing yourself to is yourself: how much closer to your ideal life are you today compared to yesterday, last week, last month or last year?
  6. You can decide on your own definition of success
    If you’re not really sure of what you want, it is oh so easy to let your definition of success be determined by society’s version of it: related to money, power and property. If you are really sure of what you want, you will be able to formulate a definition of success that is related to that. When do you consider yourself to be successful? Relate this to your purpose and realize that you are completely free to create your success on your own terms.

Bonus tip & fun fact: you are allowed to change direction at any time! How amazing is this: having all the freedom in the world to re-formulate your goals and to re-decide on where you’re going?! Sometimes the thought of having to have a purpose can feel suffocating and even keep your creativity and inspiration from flowing freely. Know that you can change your direction at any time. With time, you will grow, you will change, you will expand… and with that come different needs and desires. It is completely normal and completely okay. Choose what feels right right now and don’t worry too much about what will feel right a few years from now.

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