- My morning routine unveiled: how I start my day from a place of bliss

My morning routine unveiled: how I start my day from a place of bliss

Here’s how I fill up my cup before going out into the world.

“How you start your day, is how you live your day.” I heard it a million times before, yet never fully grasped the meaning of it until recently. Let me share how I went from having every minute efficiently accounted for to a morning routine of bliss.

The morning routine of efficiency

2017. I had it down to a T. I knew I needed exactly 43 minutes to go from my alarm going off to closing the front door behind me. A quick shower while thinking of my to do’s for the day, get myself dressed in the outfit I laid out the night before, jug down my protein shake (because: no time to prepare real food), grab my bag (check: phone? credit card? keys?), and head out the door. 

It would take me 6 minutes to bike to the train station, 2 to find a parking spot, 7 to walk to the coffee shop and grab an americano to go, and another 2 to get to my train’s platform. I would get there as my train arrived, keep my fingers crossed for a seat as I hopped on, and off I went. Phew, I made it. Another workday efficiently kicked off. 

Feeling rushed or feeling fulfilled?

You know that voice in the back of your head? The one that you can try to ignore, but that simply keeps coming back stronger until you stop and acknowledge its existence? Yeah, that one. It kept on telling me that yes, I might be going about my minutes fairly efficiently, but no, it didn’t satisfy my soul at all. I was making every minute go by as quickly as possible, instead of enjoying every minute as much as possible. And isn’t the latter what life is all about?

I decided to take a step back and wonder: what can I do to make my morning meaningful to me? What are things that leave me fulfilled? What can I do to replace feeling rushed with feeling blissfilled?

The morning routine of bliss

2019. I still have it down to a T. I wake up at least 2 hours before I need to head out the door. My alarm goes off, I get up, draw back the curtains, open the balcony door and let the fresh morning air fill up my lungs as well as my bedroom. I sit down and do my meditation. I take time to prepare my breakfast – scrambled eggs are a current fave – and have my matcha tea on the side. I then either go workout or take a morning walk. I consciously enjoy my shower afterwards, get dressed, grab my bag and head out the door.

I step on my bike, breath in the fresh air and make my way to the other side of town. Sun or rain, I take in whatever weather nature throws at me. I step inside my office 10 minutes later, feeling grounded, refreshed, connected and fulfilled.

From rush(ed) hours to self-love

Quite the different vibe, huh? I absolutely adore my current morning routine. Yes, I get up pretty early. Yes, it takes more time. BUT: my soul feels taken care of, and by filling up my own cup before doing anything else, I feel empowered to go out into the world and serve others from my best self. And that is exactly what I came here to do.

Tell me: what do you do to start your day from a place of bliss?


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