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Intention setting like a boss [+ free worksheet!]

Intention setting. Sounds like this big, time-consuming, kind of intimidating thing, doesn’t it? A little wu-wu, even? It doesn’t have to be, though! Let me show you the non wu-wu, yet super helpful, way to go about it.

Setting intentions is a great way of living life more consciously. With everything going on around us, our days can feel busy, stressful and we can feel like we’re lacking control. Having an intention set, can help you keep your head cool and stay near to your heart. Simply being aware of your intention, will help you in not letting external circumstances get to you as easily. It’s a great tool for re-routing your experiences from: “wait-a-minute, this is not how I want to feel” to “this is where I want to be”.

The difference between intentions and goals

Often times, people ask me: but how is setting an intention any different from having a goal? And I agree: they are alike. However, there is one significant thing that sets them apart. Goals are aimed at what you want to achieve; intentions are aimed at how you want to feel, who you want to be, how you want to experience life. Goals will motivate you to work; intentions will provide you with a calmness, peace and that little extra self-care. Being aware of your intentions will help you to be mindful about how you go about your day. Living by your intentions will enable you to reach your goals in a more efficient way.

Okay, got it. But… where to start?

De worksheet die je onderaan deze pagina vindt, helpt je om je intenties op papier te zetten. Intenties kun je op elk moment noteren. Gebruik ze dagelijks, wekelijks, maandelijks… Zo vaak als jij fijn vindt! Want dat is het mooie van het zetten van intenties: ze gaan over hoe jij in jouw leven wilt staan. Vandaag, deze week, deze maand, of zelfs de rest van het jaar.

Intention setting like a boss

A few sparkles to get you going

  • Find a quiet, peaceful spot and take your time to focus.
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to let yourself calm down. Tune in to your body and just let yourself be for a little while.

  • Start out by writing down how you want to feel and go from there. Look for thoughts, experiences, actions that will help you move closer to that feeling.

  • To me, setting an intention is a way of practicing self-love. Don’t look at is as another have-to, but rather as doing something nice for you, because you’re worthy of being taken care of.

  • Remember: there is no right or wrong way of doing this. It’s all about you, your heart and your desires.

Get your free intention setting worksheet

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